MANO's CORE mission

Provide reliable, intuitive and simple solutions for Masternode investors.

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Different PoSe coins have different technical requirements to run their masternodes and, let’s be honest, most investors don’t want to learn complicated linux commands or have time to deal with Ubuntu VPS' security updates.

The Masternode Foundation's project will break technical barriers holding back investors from adding these passive income generating assets to their portfolios.

MANO's Target Market

Masternodes in Numbers

Masternodes Market Cap

Masternodes Online

Masternode Coins
Masternode Foundation Services

Smart, fairly priced solutions for masternode investors.


Automated Masternode Deployment

Exclusive one-click masternode hosting service that eliminates today’s most common difficulties for masternode investors.


Automated Shared Masternodes

Platform for joining any partner coin shared masternode automatically, featuring real time balance information, reinvestments and share withdrawals.


Node Monitor Companion Mobile App

Keep track of all your Masternode statuses, make sure your investment is constantly generating passive income. Our mobile Apps will let you know as soon as anything changes on your masternode.


Masternode Exclusive Exchange

A masternode coin exclusive exchange where masternode investors can receive their rewards directly and trade them automatically if they choose to do so.


Masternode Rankings Listing Platform

The most comprehensive masternode coins listing and comparison platform ever created. The Coin Market Cap of Masternodes.


Masternode Investment Fund

Masternode-backed fund chosen by the MANO Decentralized Governance generating extra income for Masternode holders.

Development Schedule

The Masternode Foundation Road Map

June 2018
MANO Coin Blockchain

Genesis block creation, Core wallet releases, explorers, mining pools and business incorporation.

July 2018

Initial platform release, one-click MANO masternode setup, additional coins inclusion and support staff selection.

August 2018
Shared Masternodes Platform

Automated MANO Shared Masternodes beta-testers selection, platform release and addition of partner coins.

October 2018
Masternode Rankings

Official platform launch, listing of partner coins, Node Monitor apps and final marketing plan fine tune.

January 2019
MANO Exchange

Beta release, partner coins listing, third party security audits and jurisdictional legal compliance.

March 2019

MANO’s decentralized governance activation, proposal platform deployment, initial investments and dividends distribution.

MANO Core Wallets


MANO Coin Blockchain

Technical Specifications

Masternode Foundation
MN Collateral:
1,000 MANO
Block Reward:
Block Reward:
50% PoW / 50% MN
PoW Algo:
Block time:
120 Seconds
12 Months
Max Supply:
12.61M MANO

Brief Introduction

MANO Coin is a mineable, fairly launched and decentralized cryptocurrency that will be the exclusive payment method for services offered by The Masternode Foundation.

MANO’s instant transactions and optional privacy, supported by an independent and reliable blockchain, allow The Masternode Foundation to offer real time zero-confirmation deployment of its services.


Have Any Questions?

Can I Mine MANO?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone can mine MANO, we chose an energy efficient PoW algorithm (Lyra2z) that is mineable on Nvidia ( CCMiner ), AMD ( SGMiner ) and CPU ( CPUMiner ).

How can I Trade MANO?

MANO’s first listing exchange will be Crypto Bridge, we chose it for being a decentralized exchange and being the most supportive exchange for masternode coins.

Listing will be requested on June 11th, 2018, one week after MANO coin launch.

How is the MANO team Formed?

Our core team is originally from Canada, the United States, Spain and Uruguay, some are expats and some prefer not to reveal that information yet.

The team identities will be revealed as soon as The Masternode Foundation is incorporated. (more on that below)

What is the MANO team’s Experience?

We’ve gather a selected group of engineers and developers who, among them, have over 15 years experience in the IT Infrastructure business, more than 7 years of web backend / frontend development experience and 4 years of crypto development experience.

Where will The Masternode Foundation be incorporated?

The location for the corporation is still undecided, we firstly considered Panama because one of the team’s members resides there as an expat and Panamanian laws are IBC friendly.

However, given recent news about Belarus High Technologies Park, we decided to study this matter better and have already secured legal advise.


Buying MANO

MANO is traded on Crypto Bridge Decentralized Exchange.

Crypto Bridge